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Find a secondhand car is not very easy.

We take great pride in the reputation that we have achieved, a reputation that has been earned by selling high quality used vehicles, always presented to the very highest possible standard and backed up by the most comprehensive after sales service found anywhere.

The Garage 44 vehicles are strictly selected according to their condition, their origin, their history, the official documents and an updated maintenance book.

Each vehicle from Garage 44 is submitted to a technical control. Rigorous tests measure all the vehicle's instruments and a complete visual, electric, electronic and mechanical diagnosis is made up. According to this diagnosis, each vehicle is completely serviced and enjoys a complete maintenance programme.

Each vehicle is thoroughly and professionally cleaned which include interior, exterior and engine. A final quality control and your vehicle is ready.
As soon as your order has been registered, the vehicle is presented to the official technical control. Afterwards, the vehicle is prepared for delivery.
Each vehicle which comes from our company is covered by a one year guarantee on parts and labour. After this period, you can still rely to us, where your car will be followed up according to the same level of requirements.

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